Warranty information

Typhoon Fuel Systems carry many brands of fuel pump. Below are their information in regards to their individual warranty policy.

Fuel pump factory pumps OE replacement ( ATV, Motorcycle only)(one year warranty) (one claim)
Marine pumps ( one year warranty) one claim
Fuel pump factory full assembly ( one year warranty) (one claim)
Walbro / TI automotive branded fuel pump (30 days) (one claim)

All Fuel Pump Factory pumps branded come with a hassle free warranty (one claim) unless stated other wise. All fuel pump assembly comes with one year warranty (one claim).  Walbro pumps come with 30 days warranty. All repair costs, tow costs, labors, or storage costs are the responsibility of the customer under any circumstances. In addition, We are not liable for loss damage, or injury from the use of these to products. 

All warranties must be approved in order for exchange or refund can be offer. Please contact support@fuepumpfactory.com if you have any additional question or if you need to file for warranty. Please have your order number ready before you contact us. 

Fuel Pump factory highly recommend all products to be professionally installed. Failure to do so may cause your warranty to be deny. We will not be held responsible for any injuries and damages cause by improper installation.